Who We Are

We are a small team based near London Stansted Airport, dedicated to bringing you the best in portable data logging for electrical energy management. All our hardware and software is designed by us, and we are constantly trying to improve the performance, reliability and accuracy of all our kit. We carry the complete range in stock, and we’re on hand to provide technical support.

Real people, not recorded messages!

our history

1986 -

Elcomponent is formed as a subsidiary of Italian manufacturing company Elcontrol SpA and starts life as the UK sales outlet for the legendary Microvip MK1, one of the UK’s first portable energy analysers.


Becomes a fully UK based company under MD Bill Gysin (still here!)


Launches one of the UK’s first integrated submetering systems based on RS485 comms (MeterRing 2000). Now an industry standard for AMR…

1993 -

Launches the SP Max three phase portable data logger to immediate success. This instrument sets a style benchmark for all Elcomponent SPC loggers for the next 15 years with its super-tough ‘Peli’ case.

2000 -

The company cements its position as leading provider of sub-metering systems with the launch of its ‘MeterRing MM’ integrated data collection and presentation software.



2004 -

Launch of the ground-breaking low-cost SPC Mini ‘clip-on’ data logger coincides with the formation of a new Elcomponent subsidiary, ‘SPC Loggers’

2008 -

Launch of the original SPC Pro three phase data logger. A direct descendant of the SP Max, this instrument goes onto dominate the UK market for non-invasive 3ph data loggers.

2010 -

Launch of the SPC DTM (Data Transfer Module) the UK’s first cloud-connected energy data logger.

2015 -

Launch of the ‘SPC Pro 2’ and ‘SPC Pro 2 Enviro’. These new loggers provide even greater levels of measurement and environmental performance whilst maintaining the SPC brand values of simplicity and value for money.


meet our team


Catrina Wootton

Instrument Sales & Hire

Instrument Repairs

Catrina is your contact to buy or hire any of the SPCs or accessories, and also the person to talk to if you have any problems with our kit.  In the unlikely event that a return or repair is needed she will sort out the details and ensure that the issue is resolved as quickly as possible.


Debbie Burton

Instrument Sales and Technical Support

Debbie has been the sales mainstay of the SPC range since its inception in 2004 and she is the best person for advice on the different products we offer, and how to get the best out of them.


Geoff Cumpstey

Stores Manager & Instrument Preparation

Geoff is the man who ensures that every SPC instrument that leaves our stores is fully tested, carefully packed, and in the case of the hire units has a fully charged battery.  If it’s not perfect, it doesn’t go!