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The SPC Pro 2 Enviro is our unique solution to the most demanding environmental conditions. We have a long history of using the Peli case to house our instruments and we know how good they are. Now for the first time we’ve matched the IP capabilities of the case with similarly rated connectors and sockets so provided the lid is closed and latched, this version of the SPC Pro 2 boasts a full IP66 rating.




  • SPC Pro 2 enviro Unit c/w 3 x flex CTs
  • USB Download Cable
  • Mains Lead
  • PowerPackPro Software
  • Zip Holdall
  • Flash Drive


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The SPC Pro 2 Enviro is our unique solution to the most demanding environmental conditions. We have a long history of using the Peli case to house our instruments and we know how good they are. Now for the first time we've matched the IP capabilities of the case with similarly rated connectors and sockets so provided the lid is closed and latched, this version of the SPC Pro 2 boasts a full IP66 rating.

All the cable entry glands are fully sealed types and the mains lead features an IP66 plug which retains its seal when it is connected to its mating socket or when it has its protection cap fitted. We've had to delete the socket for an external battery because the batteries themselves are not IP rated, but we've beefed up the internal battery to provide up to three weeks use when fully charged for surveys where mains power is not available. And as with all our instruments, the unit is supplied in a bespoke zip case to keep everything tidy.

The SPC Pro 2 Enviro looks similar to the original SPC Pro - but don't be fooled, this is a different animal. It is identical in specification to the standard SPC Pro 2 boasting the larger memory and USB memory stick download capability of its sibling.


The SPC Pro 2 has almost 4 times the memory of its predecessor, allowing highly accurate surveys of up to 12 weeks duration as well as hi-speed (1 second) logging of critical plant for up to 48 hours. The larger memory is more accessible too, thanks to the USB Flash Drive interface. When you want to download the logger - even on the fly - just plug in your USB memory stick and press the 'Download' button and all the logger's readings are transferred to the memory stick. It's that easy! The SPC Pro 2 retains a second USB socket for direct connection to a PC but you can now download it without any cables, PCs or laptops required. Whichever way you do it, data download is fast efficient and foolproof.


The SPC Pro 2 is incredibly easy to hook-up - no prior set-up is required unless the data storage rate needs changing, so normally it's a case of clipping on the flex hoops, plugging in the power lead and pressing the start button!

Download is equally easy - simply plug in a USB stick and press the download button, or connect the unit to your PC's USB port with the lead provided. Either way our PowerPackPro software will find the logger or the USB stick automatically and guide you through a foolproof sequence to ensure that accurate results for voltage, current, power factor, kilowatts kilowatt hours and kVArh are configured for immediate viewing. The instrument uses a completely secure and non-volatile 'flash' memory and has its own back-up for its on-board clock. The powerful internal battery allows it to be used as a 'current only' logger for up to two weeks where a mains supply is not available.

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Input Channels:
1 X Voltage via pluggable power cable
3 X current via integral flex type CTs

1 Voltage range: 230VAC +/- 15% 50-60Hz
3 Current ranges: 2-20A, 20-200A, 200-2000A Fully auto-ranging

Unit: L=200mm H=80mm W=125mm (Excluding CTs)
Kit: L= 300mm H= 150mm W= 300mm
Flex CT diameter: 150mm
Flex CT length: 450 mm
Flex CT cable length: 1.8m

Protection level: IP66 (lid closed)
Case: Peli ABS

Operating Temperature: -20 to 50 Deg C

230VAC External
Li-ion internal battery
Battery life: Approx 3 weeks logging (fully charged)
Battery Charging: Integral charger from mains connection

Technique: Digital Sampling
Sample rate: 1.6kHz
Update rate: 1 second – stored to cache

1 X Voltage, 3 X Current, 3 X Phase Angle stored memory. Stored value is
the average of all cached readings since previous store.
Memory capacity: 200,000 records
Survey length at 30 second storage: 10 weeks
USB Download to PC & USB Flash Drive (Memory Stick)

0.5% of measurement +/- 2.0V

1-20A = 0.5% of measurement +/- 0.5A
20-200A = 0.5% of measurement +/- 2.0A
200-2000A = 0.5% of measurement +/- 5.0A

kWh (in software) = < 2% typical

Electrical Safety:
Unit: IEC1010 600V CAT III 300V CAT IV
Flex CTs: IEC1010 1000V Cat III

Windows XP Pro, Vista, W7, W8, W10


The SPC Pro 2 is a three phase electricity data logger that needs only one voltage connection. This means that the only voltage hook up you need to make is to plug the unit into a simple wall socket. This keeps things safe and easy, whilst providing the instrument with its reference voltage and also its operating power (although it has a hefty internal battery for 'no voltage' surveys if required).

Combined with its dedicated software package - PowerPackPro - The SPC Pro 2 takes advantage of some of the fixed characteristics of a three phase electrical system to accurately calculate power and energy from three current measurements, but only one voltage input, which makes it suitable for non-technical personnel to use. The way it achieves this is innovative but also reliable and accurate, and has been proven across many thousands of applications.

PowerPackPro Data Logging Software

More than Just Graphs!

PowerPackPro is a lot more than just data logging software package. This one is designed so that energy managers and engineers can create effective graphs and reports instantly, save carbon, money and energy from day one, and share their results with their colleagues by email with a single click. It's also very simple and friendly to use, and won't have you reaching for the User Manual every time you open it!

Specifically created for the SPC Range, PowerPackPro integrates seamlessly with the all the SPC devices via a hi-speed USB connection with auto-sensing built-in. Simply plug the device (or USB memory stick from your SPC Pro 2) into the PC and the software will link to it automatically!

Easy to Use

PowerPackPro is a 'task oriented' data logger software package, so even if you are not an expert in utility management it will always guide you in the right direction so that you will achieve accurate reporting first time, every time. It provides full set-up and user-control for the all the instruments allowing you to define survey periods, storage rates and download schedules as well as providing additional features such a battery condition indicator and clock set function.

Results - Fast!

We realise that it's results that matter most, so once data have been downloaded from the logger or USB stick, PowerPackPro really gets to work. All graphs are fully 'zoomable' in both axes, and have automatic scaling so your results are always effectively presented. X axis scrolling on zoomed graphs makes data browsing easy, and the package also features a dual Y axis function for multi-parameter charts. You can set alarm levels, and use the 'crosshairs' function to pinpoint specific events.

Energy - Carbon - Cost

The data logging software automatically converts logger data to the key variables of ENERGY, CARBON & COST, using the relevant calorific value, carbon equivalent and tariff information. The integrated energy costing capability allows multiple multi-rate tariffs to be entered to convert load profiles into accurate cost profiles, as well as enabling tariff comparisons to be made with real data. The 'Carbon Calculator' allows instant presentation of carbon output for all fuel types using pre-loaded or user defined carbon equivalent factors.

MS Office Integration

PowerPackPro integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office applications with 'one-click' export functions for graphs and data tables into both Word and Excel. There is even a one-click function to share both graphs and data files via email using MS Outlook! Sharing your charts with your colleagues has never been easier.

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